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Ardak Earthfill Dam


        This dam is located 69 km distance from North West of Mashhad within connection of two branches of river Abghad and Mainmargh. This dam is constructed to provide drinking water for Mashhad, as well as agricultural water for area situated downstream of dam and also flood control of Ardak River.

The Main features of this project are as follows:

• This dam regulates 30,000,000 cubic meters of water per year.

• This dam is an earth fill dam with clay core and free spillway with capacity of 950 cubic meters per second.

• Diversion tunnel with the length of 245 meters and dia meter 5 meters.

• The length of the dam`s Crest: 410 meters.

• Height of the dam 55.5 meters.

• Excavation 400,000 cubic meters.

• Earth work volume 1,500,000 cubic meters

• The length of the Access road 8000 meters.

• Concrete volume 21,000 cubic meters.

• Plastic concrete Cut-off wall volume;  12,000 cubic meters.

Client: Khorasan Razavi Water Authority.

Consultant Engineer: Abpuy Company.

Start Date: 2003

End Date: 2011


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