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AHAB Company is seeking continuously for the efficient ways to satisfying its client’s enquiries. For that purpose this company is following its grate goals:

          • Raising the quality of performing the projects to observing national & international standards.

          • Improving the efficiency by setting new management policies and utilizing updated technologies and equipments. 

           • Undertaking the obligations about the projects, duration and on time accomplishment.

          • Continuous relations with employers (clients).

           • Raising benefits, technical knowledge and workers’ skill and provision of satisfaction.

           • HSE(Health, Safety and Environmental Policy)



addressNo.64,Northen Sheikhbahaee Ave, Mollasadra       Ave. Tehran, Iran., P.O.Box :19936-74454

phoneTel.: +(98 21) 88039009  
Fax: +(98 21) 88032585, 88039009
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