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Major Prophecy


     Since only few competent companies are available in the field of civil work and accomplishment of constructional projects and with regard to the present and future status of our constructional industry  besides as well as the country need for   grate contractors with high technical capacity for execution of  projects in form of EPC, and also regarding the shortage of  knowledge and facilities, AHAB company has define its major prophecy to providing a reliable general contractor for execution of projects using the sources of the country for raising the quality and expanding the economical activities. In order to avoid any risk in sole market and also due to have high strength in provision of services and execution of plans, AHAB should extend its service domain to the overseas markets. 
Management of AHAB Company with getting assurance about comprehension and execution of quality policy by workers via reports, statistics and coordination’s sessions and reviewing work cycle in administration & job site skeleton shall follow the continuous recovery.


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