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Project at a Glance


1. Water field Projects

Water supply lines

     • Pre-stressed concrete pipe, dia 2,000 mm, for Tabriz water transmission.

     • Second line of water transmission from Minab to Bandar Abbas, dia 1200-1400 mm

     • Water transmission line from Bukan dam to Saghez city, dia 900 mm.

     • Water transmission line from Bardsir to Rafsanjan, dia 600-800mm.

     • Water transmission line from B/Abbas to Qeshm Island, dia 700-900-1200mm.

     • High pressure water transmission line of Meiduk copper complex of NICICO, dia 14-16 inch.

Dam construction

     • Earth fill dam of Jarreh Ramhormoz high 113m in Khuzestan

     • Shur river dam of Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex high 84 m and increase height of another existing tailing dam (TDY).

     • Earth fill dam of Ardak height 55.5m in Khorasan.

     • GharehTikan rock fill dam high 57 m in Khosrasan.

     • Diversion dam of Jiroft and daily water regulating reservoir, capacity 550,000 cubic meter

Networks of Irrigation & Drainage

     • Construction first and second grade canals of Right Bank Irrigation & Drainage network of Zarrineh rud 12000 hectare.

     • Construction first and second grade canals left Right Bank Irrigation & Drainage network of Zarrineh rud 7000 hectare.

     • Increasing capacity of water transmission canal of Right Bank of Zarrineh rud from 28 to 42 cubic meters per second and construction intake structures for transmission line supply to Tabriz from Zarrineh rud.

Building project

     • Avishan Housing complex in Damavand

     • Satkab administration complex 

     • Karoon cement factory

     • 156 apartment units of Zaaferanieh in Tabriz

     • Adminstration & Trading complex of Sadr station.

     • Landscaping and site and basic installation and structures of International fair of Tehran Shahr-e-Aftab

     • Construction of 350 units (apartments) of Mehr housing,phase No.8 of newPadis city (Darreh Behesht)

     • Compilation works of metro station V1 (sadr) for Tehran Metro line 1

     • Construction of 2 metro stations out of total stations for Tehran Metro line 3

     • Construction of 13 metro stations out of total stations for Tehran Metro line 6

     • Construction of Retaining structure and a part of main structure of 15 metro stations  for Tehran Metro line 6

     • Construction 2 South Power Station for Tehran Metro line 6

Road & Transportation field projects

     • Tunneling of Line6 Metro By TBM Equipment

     • Tunneling NATM midsection of Line6 Metro

     • Construction of infrastructure, road and rail investment piece and South  of Line6 Metro

     • three-way construction, tunnels and whales from the southern terminus of Line6 Metro

     • Site preparation of 120 hectares Phase No.5 of Parand(required site for Mehr Housing Project)

     • Site preparation of 110 hectares  phase No.6 of Parand (required site for Mehr Housing Project)

     • Landscaping and site preparation of  phase No.8 of north lands of new Parand city

     • Landscaping and execution Eastern and Western access road of phase No.8 of new Pardis city 

Installations & Equipments field Projects

     • 20” gas transmission pipeline  to centralized power plant and Phase Nos.15,16,17 and 18 and for water desalination of south pars

     • Contract of procurement engineering and execution of gas line (42 &20”) and other emb


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