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Jareh Dam

     This dam is located in 35 km distance from Ramhormoz .The main goal of its construction was providing water supply for farms of Ramhormoz plains and preventing floods. This project includes construction of flood diversion tunnels, dam body with clay core, reinforcing of the foundation, construction of main and emergency spillways and power plant procurement and installation of hydro mechanical equipments besides the construction of an access road to the dam with the length of 11 km.

Main features of this dam are as follows:

• Diversion tunnels, No.2 inside dia: 5.5 meter, total length 1200 meters upper and lower copper Dams.

• Civil work  of  Power  plant , provision and installation of   the  Hydro mechanical equipments

• Construction of  an 11 km access road

• Construction of diversion and irrigations tunnels  and  intake   and  outlet Structures shafts  , and  valve  chamber 

• Construction  of  grouting  galleries  and  grouting 

• Construction  of the main  dam  and  earth  dam

• Total  excavation  :  1,970,000 cubic meters

• Earth  work :  7,049,000 cubic  meters

• Concrete: 116,400 cubic  meters

• Steel  bar:  5,300 tons

• Length  of  the  dam`s crest: 730meter

• Height  of  dam:  113 meters

Client: Khuzestan Water  and  Power Authority 

Consultant  Engineer:  Mahab  Ghods Consultant  Engineer 

Start Date: 2002 

End Date: 2005


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